The Gift of Building People Skills

tabletpc.jpgAt SkillStore, we are focused on helping you build your communication and leadership skills. Those skills are useful in the office, but also at home… and definitely with relatives. As you leave behind work and spend more time with family and friends, access SkillStore to continue to build your people skills.

Here is a list of a couple videos you might review to prepare for the inevitably stressful holiday season:

  • Delegating Tasks – Don’t take on entertaining family, cleaning the house, and preparing a delicious meal by yourself. Delegate tasks so you can enjoy more time for yourself.
  • Valuing Your Strengths – So maybe you’re not the best pastry chef, but you can engage in a meaningful conversation with Aunt Betsy longer than anyone else in your family. Practice purposefully using your strengths as you interact with others.
  • Embracing Change – You know a family announcement is coming… from someone. It will change family dynamics and will certainly change how you spend your time. Prepare yourself to embrace the change instead of resist it.
  • Reframing Challenges – Your parents choose not to come over; the dinner is a disaster; you get last place in the Ugly Sweater Contest at work. Respond to problems you face throughout the holiday season by reframing challenges.
  • Setting Goals – Almost half of you will make New Year’s Resolutions, but only 8% of you will achieve those goals. Learn how to set realistic goals, and follow through on those goals so that you are part of the 8%.

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