Supporting Clients Makes Us Happy!

Smiley Comment BubblesWe were thrilled to see our friends at Western Union showcased in a recent Training Magazine article on Strategies for Success (scroll to the second half of the article to see their contribution).  

In late 2013, Western Union launched a new initiative to enhance the effectiveness of their people managers across the organization. They started with a web-based certification program that included 10-minute videos on specific topics. After their first year, they saw impressive results with 97% of graduates (284 employees total) saying they would recommend the content to their peers. Furthermore, 80% of participants said they would apply what they learned on the job.

We are excited to be partnering with Western Union in an effort to continue to enhance their People Management Fundamentals training program. We have built 23 modules around hiring, management, communication, self-development, values-based leadership, and more. We have learners participating in four continents, speaking a myriad of languages. They have completed over 500 modules and recorded over 1,000 practice videos. 

Initial feedback from participants is very positive. Users appreciate the bite-sized learning modules. They find it really valuable to video-record themselves practicing their skills, such as giving feedback, interviewing a job candidate, or giving a persuasive presentation. And the lesson summaries are helpful when employees need a quick review so they can communicate more successfully. A couple of user comments:

“The scenario and recording forced me to be better prepared, to think about how I could motivate a person to do a better job, and how I would talk through a development plan I would put together with him.”  

“The applicability of SkillStore topics is very useful. Some other content is too theoretical. SkillStore provides practicality – you’re actually recording yourself, so it’s an excellent tool for application.”

We are thrilled to hear that Western Union employees are finding value in the bite-sized content and practice opportunities. And it’s really exciting to hear how the practice opportunities are encouraging learners to go beyond having content presented to them… and actually practice applying the content in a real-world scenario so they’re more likely to be ready when they have to apply the material on the job.  

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