Change is Coming

Here at SkillStore, we like to share good articles among our team members. Our Senior Director of Customer Success, Peter McLaughlin, tends to share the most articles. (He shares them on his twitter feed too – take a look if you want to benefit from his good reading).

One of the recent articles he shared was Corporate Learning in the World of Hypergrowth Companies  by Josh Bersin of Bersin of Deloitte. As we continue growing, exploring new initiatives, and working with an expanding number of cool clients, many of the article highlights seem particularly relevant.

A hybrid learning approach is ideal – Individuals want to have the opportunity to discuss what they’re learning.

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Making Training More Effective – Feedback Direct from SkillStore Users

light_bulb.jpgWhen we first designed the SkillStore mobile app, we knew that traditional methods – books, videos and online courses, or instructor-led workshops – weren’t holding learner’s attention. 

Hence, we aimed to offer a paradigm shift in training that:

  • Embraces mobile-first design so learners have easy access to content
  • Focuses on video as a primary learning modality that distributes learning through visual cues
  • Enables bite-sized learning in keeping with learner’s normal patterns of using technology
  • Provides opportunities for feedback and improvement through repeated practice
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Let’s Stop Wasting Billions on Corporate Training Each Year

We all know that soft skills like communications, leadership, teamwork, and management top the list of skills that employers seek. These skills are often why people actually get hired or promoted in their careers. No wonder tens of billions of dollars are spent on training for these skills each year.

Yet, 9 out of 10 frontline managers do not feel well-prepared to meet their business challenges. Why is that?

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Serving Up Soft Skills

I attended the State of the Training Industry – A Grass Roots Look from the Employees’ Perspective webinar last week. One point that the speaker introduced was that the consumer’s perspective is largely lacking from the Training Magazine’s 2014 Training Industry Report. So they went out and asked the employees in a 2- to 3-minute survey – what do they want for a successful training program? 

When employees were asked to identify the training that they prefer:

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See SkillStore In Action

The SkillStore app contains 9 learning programs on high-impact management and leadership topics. We offer programs for managing teams, women’s leadership, change management, hiring, and other common organizational high-need areas. Each learning program includes between 9 to 12 learning modules; each learning module includes the following:

  • A lesson in the form of a microlearning video
  • A summary of content to offer on-the-job performance support
  • A quiz to test learner’s basic understanding of material (and offer results of efforts)
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Communicating for Success – 5 Tips to Build Your Skills

We all know that communication is a foundational task in professional settings. However, communicating in a business environment is often a high-stakes practice environment. You don’t want to test out your presentation skills with an important client. Communication can make or break your career.

I would say it can even make or break an organization. In fact, Towers Watson found that companies with highly effective internal communications had 47% higher total returns to shareholders over the last five years compared to companies with the least effective internal communications.

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