Change is Coming

Here at SkillStore, we like to share good articles among our team members. Our Senior Director of Customer Success, Peter McLaughlin, tends to share the most articles. (He shares them on his twitter feed too – take a look if you want to benefit from his good reading).

One of the recent articles he shared was Corporate Learning in the World of Hypergrowth Companies  by Josh Bersin of Bersin of Deloitte. As we continue growing, exploring new initiatives, and working with an expanding number of cool clients, many of the article highlights seem particularly relevant.

A hybrid learning approach is ideal – Individuals want to have the opportunity to discuss what they’re learning. While learners appreciate learning at their own convenience, they make stronger connectionsto what they’re learning when they have the opportunity to discuss the content with others. SkillStore is currently offered as a mobile app, but we’re also building a web app that can be accessed on more traditional computers. In addition, we are branching out our services to include supplemental materials, such as Implementation and Facilitation Guides, to support face-to-face discussion of the in-app experience.

Organizational support is important – If we want learners to apply what they’re learning, manager buy-in is key. Some of the most foundational research in transfer of training suggests the value of manager and peer support in the training process. When we start working with a new organization, we recommend several levels of sponsorship – an executive sponsor, a system administrator, and a team lead. Each role has a different function; all roles support the learners in transferring their training to the job.

Global customers have diverse needs – We are fortunate to have conducted our earliest roll-outs in international settings, with learners located around the world. Feedback from those early experiences helped inform our process later on. With that said, there are still lessons to be learned. One of the changes we are considering is creating a smaller cohort experience for SkillStore users. This smaller team-based approach allows learners from unique countries to engage with each other, and even speak their native language, as they learn new concepts together.  

These are just a few of the recent changes we have made to the SkillStore app. We are having a lot of exciting conversations about how we can make our product stronger and more responsive to employee and employer needs. We look forward to sharing more of these conversations in the new year.

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