Bite-Sized Learning

tapasI went to dinner the other night and was so focused on the clock that I left feeling stuffed and couldn’t recall what exactly I ordered. Learning can seem like a bad dinner at times. You stuff yourself with material, but then you walk away unsure of what happened and how you can apply the material on the job. Oh, and the bill is more than what you expected.

What if you could learn Spanish tapas style, where you consume small chunks of material when and where you want? Enter microlearning.

What Is It?

Microlearning is a (not so new) concept associated with using small, focused chunks of learning to engage learners in a particular topic. To be fair, people have been using a microlearning approach when they post ‘how to’ videos to YouTube and read executive summaries on new topics.  But we’re talking about a more formal method of microlearning – where:

  • Objectives structure the content
  • Brief quizzes let learners test their skills before practicing them
  • Short scenarios provide a safe practice environment for learners
  • Observation of peer practice allow learners to see others applying the content

So while it may seem informal (and we do post material on YouTube), our bite-sized approach at SkillStore is informed by cutting-edge learning science and built into a rich experience in our social learning app.

Why Do We Need It?

There are many reasons why microlearning is gaining steam, but in the spirit of bite-sized content, let’s keep this list short:

  • Accessible – it is available on mobile devices so learning can take place at a convenient time and location
  • Flexible – learners can choose the order of learning activities, maybe starting first with observing others and then reviewing the actual lesson
  • Modular – there are components within each module, so if one component is updated, everything else doesn’t need to be impacted
  • Approachable – there is nothing to fear when learners only have to commit 5-10 minutes of their day to a learning concept

What Are People Saying?

In a pilot study, 100% of the participants said they found the microlearning videos valuable. The users most appreciated being able to work at their own pace at a time that was convenient based on their busy schedule. They also liked having access on their mobile devices so they could listen while getting ready for work or while taking a quick lunch break. One user said, “I like the app and the fact that lessons are short; I can do it whenever I have a few minutes.” So simple, quick and easy wins again!

How Can You Adopt Microlearning?

Well, you can jump in SkillStore and give it a try. Build your knowledge in some trending areas such as women in leadership, hiring, or management.

You might also look at training in our own organization and think about how you can better chunk training so that employees can take meaningful bites.

Salud to learning… Spanish style!


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